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Qi Gong Element Water - Organ Kidneys

3 x 60 minutes

  • Ended
  • 59 Euro
  • Online Live Kurs

Service Description

Life is formed and develops in the water that holds the Essence of the body, called Jing. The Kidneys comprise the organ system that stores this Essence and are the primary organs that provide the Yang metabolic energy which drives the entire function of the body. Kidney Essence is therefore the foundation for all Yin and Yang energies of the body and thus preserving Kidney function is fundamental for health on every level. The Water element stores and represents Essence, and it is through connecting with your Kidney energy that you connect with the deepest aspects of yourself, especially memories and emotions that have been buried within your subconscious. As the primary energy of your entire being, Kidney energy relates to your fundamental drive to live and the willpower to fulfill your goals and dreams. On an intellectual level, the Water element deals with philosophy, spirituality, and the great, essential questions of life. The related emotion is what you feel in the presence of the divine, or simply while reveling in the marvels of life. In other words, Water relates to a sense of awe. In Chinese Medicine, the Water element brings us through time. It houses the prenatal Qi that’s derived from our ancestors, which can be understood as our inheritance or genetic makeup. In this way, your DNA is the fundamental physical aspect of your Essence.

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