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Begin your journey  to healing, transformation and achieving your maximum potential with Linda Winterlich and the practice of ancient chinese Art of Qi gong and Prana Healing.

Your possibility of mastering yourself and being your best version!!!

Qigong and Tai chi Chuan is about healing yourself first and eventually teaching others the self-empowering techniques of self-healing. Once you heal, you go through a transformation that occurs physically, emotionally and spiritually. After this transformation, you will reach your maximum human potential for your daily life as well as in your sport while maintaining balance and harmony.


Hi, Iam Linda

My journey into the energy practices began long time ago. I think the awareness and some understanding of energy has been with me my entire life, leading me to where I have come already and where I’m going to still arrive. This has been a truly wonderful path, and one of the highlights of it was Qigong. I have been learning, practising, and teaching this ancient Chinese practice for over three years now. Qigong has brought many amazing things into my life and made some transformative changes. It lets me feel connection throughout my entire body, connection to myself and to the world around me; feel the energy flow and create this flow. Qigong is much more than just a physical movement, it is a spiritual practice that focuses on health and wellbeing and brings a peace of mind. I’m very much looking forward to sharing this sacred knowledge with you during my Qigong classes.

Get Started

Qi Gong

Start Your Healing... No Qigong Experience Necessary. Distilling ancient wisdom to its essence, this live class brings authentic Qigong and its healing power to all. If you are new to Qigong, you will walk away with everything you need to start your self-healing Qigong practice. If you are an advanced Qigong practitioner, this class will take your understanding into a whole new dimension.

Pranic Healing

(to heal yourself and others)

Pranic Healing is the sublime science of healing physical and psychological disorders by cleansing the prana (vital energy). Pranic Healing has gained popularity as a highly effective no-touch, no-drug complementary therapy system that treats and purifies the prana to heal ailments and provide solutions for day-to-day problems. (Founder  Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.)


Balanced Energy Brings Enhanced Performance.  Qigong is a system of very simple, yet very powerful techniques of Breathing, Movement and Mental Focus that can help Athletes (Amateur and PRO) to achieve and maintain energy balance and with it peak performance.


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Balanced Energy Creates Optimum Health and Wellness

Spring Forest Qigong healing is based on the principle that everything in the universe is energy. You are an energy being. For optimum health, wellness, and happiness, you need to bring your energy into balance, maintain the balance, and keep the energy flowing smoothly.

When your energy is not in balance, energy blockages will be created. If the blockages are not removed, physical or mental illness is likely to manifest. The illness is a symptom of the blockage or blockages.

Work From the Root Cause

The way your energy system works, the blockage is often not in the same physical area as the symptom.  For example, pain in your back may be due to a blockage in your hip or knee or neck or some other part of your energy system.

For that reason, Spring Forest Qigong practice does not focus on symptoms. It focuses on the underlying cause of the problem--the energy blockage.


Remove Energy Blockages in Your Body

Spring Forest Qigong practice is designed to remove all the blockages in your body, returning energy balance to your entire system, removing not only the symptom but the root cause.  That is the only way to achieve a complete and perfect healing--the goal of Spring Forest Qigong.

The Spring Forest Qigong focus is not only on the physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well, and all at the same time.


All Things Interconnect

You are not just a physical being. You are a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual being.  These are all interconnected. Often when we experience illness, we have separated out these aspects of our whole self. If you focus on only one aspect at a time, your results will be very limited.

You don't need to understand these principles to experience the benefits of SFQ practice. You don't need to believe in it. 

If you believe it, it works. If you don't believe it, it still works. If you believe it will work, it often works faster. Either way, it works, because energy is energy.


In Spring Forest Qigong, you will learn movements, mental imagery, and meditation techniques. All are designed to help your body's natural healing system remove energy blockages, return energy balance to your body, and keep the energy flowing smoothly.


No Special Skills, Knowledge, or Ability is Necessary

The Qigong Healing movements can be done standing, sitting or lying down with equal benefit. All you need to do is relax and follow the instructions. The energy will do the rest.

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Thank You

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