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Prana Healing

'Prana' is the Sanskrit word for life force. It is called ‘chi’ in China and ‘ki’ in Japan.

Pranic Healing is a revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that uses prana to treat illness. It is a synthesis of ancient, esoteric healing methods that have been rediscovered, researched and tested over decades with proven success by the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Pranic Healing has been described as a simple and yet very powerful technology that can be employed with immediate benefits to the patient.

Principles Behind Pranic Science

The fundamental principles of Pranic Healing are

  • Principle of Self- Recovery – The innate ability of every living being to heal itself

  • Principle of Life Force – Healing process can be accelerated by increasing the pranic life force of the individual


Some Benefits of Pranic Healing


  • In cases of fever, parents can bring down the temperature of their children in just a few hours

  • Coughs and colds can usually be alleviated in a day

  • Major illnesses such as eye, liver, kidney, and heart problems can be partially or substantially relieved in a few sessions

  • Improved health and increased stamina

  • Inner peace and happiness

  • Better memory and concentration

  • Rapid spiritual growth

  • Reduced stress

  • Better interpersonal skills

  • Greater self-esteem

  • Attain the ability to attract good luck and become more prosperous

Master Sai Coletti and

Linda Winterlich

at Pranic Healing event Octuber 2021 at Pranic Center Chemnitz/ Germany

How does it work?

Pranic Healing corrects imbalances in the body’s energy field and transfers life force to the patient.

This life force can also be characterized as universal energy; it is not the healer’s energy.

Trained Pranic Healers access and transmit universal energy to the patient using specific frequencies and techniques for specific diseases and conditions.

Pranic Healing is done without touching.
Pranic Healing is a three step process that substantially accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

(All information about Prana and text at this website comes from this source)

Palmen an einem Strand

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