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Five Elements Qigong
for Self-Healing Live Classes

Unlock Your Healing Intelligence


These classes are designed to empower you with the understanding and the tools you need for self-healing. It will awaken the intelligence of your physical body and the power of your heart.

Why Do We Get Sick? Is Self-Healing Possible?


Ancient Chinese healing science says the body has 12 major energy channels. These connect to our internal organs. Qi flows through these energy channels, which work together to support our organs in their jobs and maintain the balance of a healthy, living ecosystem. Sometimes the flow of Qi gets blocked. This blockage can grow bigger and eventually make the body sick. It can even cause more energy blockages in other parts of the body.

But the body can heal itself, because it was designed that way. Our bodies run on an intelligent life-force – what we call “Qi.” Certain kinds of body-movement can activate this intelligence, sweeping away energy blockages and rapidly restoring the flow of life-force. This is the power of self-healing – the power of the Five Element Healing Movements.



Start Your Healing... No Qigong Experience Necessary.

Distilling ancient wisdom to its essence, this live class brings authentic Qigong and its healing power to all. If you are new to Qigong, you will walk away with everything you need to start your self-healing Qigong practice. If you are an advanced Qigong practitioner, this class will take your understanding into a whole new dimension.

What You Will Get from This Qigong Class


A solid understanding of the Five-Element Healing Qigong Movements: how they work and how to do them right.

Ancient Qigong wisdom for overcoming physical and emotional challenges.

Powerful Five Element Qigong Meditation techniques for healing and self-cultivation.

A way to renew and transform your body’s Qi-flow.

A way to increase your vitality the most in the least amount of time.

A simple method to walk through the noise of life, focused on your purpose, while raising your energy vibration to ever-higher levels.

An understanding of how to improve and balance your Qi for long-lasting healing and optimal well-being.




Understand Five Elements for Perfect Healing


The Five Element system is a cornerstone of Chinese medicine. Knowing it helps us to understand the characteristics of the body’s energy. All of our emotions and our organs’ energy systems correspond with a specific element. Learning how to focus on a specific emotion and healing movement for a specific element will transform the energy of its corresponding organ system. Each emotion has its own special signature and special frequency. Each frequency matches a certain part of the system, which powerfully affects the organs in your body. This creates a beautiful, complete healing.


The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Over thousands of years of observation, our ancestors discovered a powerful way to understand the connection between the physical body and the power of the mind. In this class, you learn how to use that connection for your healing.


Wood Element

Wood represents the liver energy system.

Fire Element

Fire represents the heart energy system.

Earth Element

Earth represents the stomach energy system.

Metal Element

Metal represents the lung energy system.

Water Element

Water represents the kidney energy system

Five Element Qigong Revolution


Integrating Emotions with Self-Healing

Many things can put the body’s energy channels out of balance (like unhealthy foods, the environment you live in, accidents, and more). But the main reason the body’s energy channels get out of balance is unbalanced emotions.

Understand How Emotions Affect Your Body

Yes, unbalanced emotions can un-balance your body’s energy system. But with the power of positive emotions, you can also re-balance your body’s energy. This live class gives you the keys to that power.

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