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Qi Gong 8 Brokates

4 x 60 minutes

  • Ended
  • 50 Euro
  • Online Live Kurs

Service Description

Individual portions of the Brocades are concerned with cleansing and stimulating the body’s various meridians. The Brocades are considered a medical qigong, and are used for health restoration and enhancement. The Brocades are especially good for anyone with lower back problems. Given its history, it was inevitable that the Eight Brocades would give rise to variations. The sequence is not fixed, but is rather a list of individual exercises that should be repeated 4–15 times, though some practitioners repeat it as many as two dozen times. If you don’t have time to do them all, pick one or two that cover areas most relevant to you, and work on them. There are two styles of the Brocades: Wen (slow and seated style) and a Wu (active and standing). In this blog, I will focus on the Wu style. Keep in mind that the Brocades can be used as a warm-up prior to Tai Chi practice or as a standalone exercise. Before beginning, you may want to start with meditation to help you relax, slow your breathing, and calm your mind. Your posture should be relaxed but strong. Intense movements are counterproductive. Below are the eight Brocade exercises along with their associated health benefits: Palms Raised to Heaven (aka Two Hands Hold Up the Heavens) is primarily associated with the endocrine system and is said to benefit anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Drawing the Bow (aka Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Hawk) replenishes the kidney meridian and strengthens the lower body. Separating Heaven and Earth benefits the spleen and stomach meridians. The Wise Owl Gazes Backward works the entire spine and helps loosen stiff muscles and relieve pinched nerves. It is beneficial for back pain and is said to improve vitality and energy. Shake the Head & Swing Tail (aka Big Bear Turns from Side to Side) regulates heart and lung function. It also increases longevity and health. Punching with Angry Eyes (aka Punching with Angry Gaze) strengthens and revitalizes the liver. Press the Earth, Touch the Sky (aka Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist) stimulates the lower meridians and solid organs of the body. Lifting Up the Heels (aka Stand on Toes and Bounce Seven Times) - This movement works the calves and is said to stimulate healing and the immune system.

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